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  • A small creative team located in Melbourne who love design.

Our Vision

We believe information should be current, easy to access and should stir people on the inside. Through better design and clever application we can share important messages with the world. You are the thinkers and entrepreneurs of our time. Your voice matters. It is our mission to collaborate with you to ensure you are heard.

Our Skills

We pride ourselves on creating contemporary designs that harness the latest in digital technology. We have combined backgrounds in Computer Science, Programming, Advertising, Graphic Design and Fine Arts, which makes for a very capable team.

The Team

Aisha Venables portrait
Aisha Venables portrait

Aisha Venables

Digital Director

With a degree in Computer Science and Programming, this is the person you definitely want to talk to about anything digital. Aisha takes website development very seriously, and you will not find a better web programmer out there!

Nikki Druiven portrait
Nikki Druiven portrait

Nikki Druiven

Creative Director

Nikki holds a Bachelor in Communication Design and is the person you want to talk to about all things creative. Whether working on web design, illustration or photography, she is invested in creating designs that are researched, refined, and beautiful.

Our Creative Journey