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Deva Dwaro Jewellery


  • Branding
  • Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Product Photography
  • Etsy Store Artwork

About the project

We worked with the talented bohemian jewellery maker Deva Dwaro to create a brand that encompassed her earthy, handmade approach to jewellery making.

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Deva Dwaro Jewellery uses traditional beading methods to create beautiful, one of a kind pieces including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

It was important for Deva Dwaro to turn her passion into a business. This meant working with her to create a logo and brand that was earthy and organic, and would appeal to her target customers. We designed a textured and natural looking logo that we then applied to her Etsy store page and printed business cards.

We also styled and photographed a collection of her pieces to ensure a consistent look. We used natural wood and stone as the main textures.

Another Happy Client

"I needed branding that would reflect my unique style and Strange Planet Studio was right on brief! Not to mention that the photography they did for me blew my mind, thank you!"

Deva Dwaro
Owner,  Deva Dwaro Jewellery

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