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Product packaging that stands out on the shelves and sells more than ever before.

Our approach to FMCG label and packaging design

We have a strong background in label design for brands big and small. Whether you are selling in a handful of boutique stores, supermarkets or selling internationally - we know how to create a label design that works.

All our labels are in check with the latest government regulations including barcoding and country of origin statements.

We can work with existing labels and logo’s to add more to your range. We also create label designs from the ground up.

Your label needs to:

  • Quickly attract customers, even at a glance
  • Stand out in a sea of other products/brands
  • Adhere to all label requirements including country of origin statements
  • Be colour coded for differentiating between flavours/variations
  • Fit in/be consistent with your other products

Why you need a great label

  • Stand out from competitors: We conduct research into what is working on the supermarket shelves and create something that will help you stand out from the crowd. We focus on colour, imagery and typography to get your message across.
  • Express your unique selling point: What do your customers care about? Is your product gluten free? Is it vegetarian? Is it paraben free? These are the types of statements that need to be placed on your label to get your customers attention. We work with you to get the most from your label.
  • Loyalty and trust: Repeat customers should be able to easily identify your product on the shelf without concentrating. It needs to be different enough from the other products to ensure customers can quickly grab your product and make a purchase.
  • Quality products need quality labels: The label is your only way to express the quality of your product. Customers may want to try your product based completely on the packaging and label itself. It is important your label is attractive and has clear messaging.

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